How The Right Spins

Take a look at this story, Jupiter homeowner faces foreclosure for flying U.S. flag.

What a terrible thing! What is our country coming to? A man is losing his home for flying the American flag! Those damn libruls!

Defiant flag flier George Andres once again is facing the prospect of losing his Jupiter home after a Palm Beach County judge ruled Wednesday that his homeowners association could go forward with a foreclosure sale next month to collect legal fees.

Wait a minute — the headline said he was facing foreclosure for flying a flag, but the story says something else! He is facing foreclosure because he refuses to pay legal bills for refusing to go along with homeowner association rules.

The homeowner association had a rule against flagpoles. He knew about the rule and moved in anyway, violated the rule, and then refused to pay after a court ruled that homeowners associations have the right to make rules!

This reminds me of the right’s tactic of saying a person is “arrested for praying” when the person was blocking a major intersection by sitting down in the middle of the street and shouting about Jesus. Or the right’s tactic of saying people are forbidden from “praying in school” when teachers aren’t allowed to try to convert the classes to one or another religion or version thereof. Anyone can pray whenever (not necessarily wherever) they want.