How Nuts Am I?

Every now and then I come back to the idea that the “conservative movement” may have been manipulated by non-American interests. From What If It’s More Than Corruption?,

To what extent is it possible that today’s Republican Party scandals are not just about traditional corruption, but instead are the result of manipulation by foreign interests, masquerading as corruption and ideological cultism? China, Iran, ??? The neo-cons are persuaded by ideology and cooked-up intelligence to go to war in Iraq. Iran ends up with Shia Iraq as a client state, with its oil resources at its disposal, for sale to China. America weakened, its industries no longer competitive, it’s infrastructure crumbling. Who benefits?
Think about the harm the neo-con “conservative movement” ideology has done to our country. We’re left with massive debt, fractured institutions, a dangerously divided public, destruction of public infrastructure, outsourcing of our manufacturing and technological base, weakened public education system, — the list just goes on and on. Was this just blind cultist ideology? Who benefits?

So how is the neo-con dream playing out? Russia and China benefit from having the U.S. bogged down in perpetual war against an invisible “enemy” many thousands of miles away. But “Radical Islam” just happens to be their enemy, not ours. It is a disruptive social movement on or inside their borders, not ours, but here we are fighting their war for them. Meanwhile China winds up with the manufacturing that used to be done here and holding the paper for massive U.S. debt. We spend our budget on military while their money is freed up for massive infrastructure investment. Iran winds up with Iraq as a client state.
But where does the U.S. benefit, except in the minds of the ideological cultists?
Here is what got me thinking about this again today: From the intro to an interview with John Le Carre, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy,

…he briefly explains an episode of Britain’s history wherein they instigated proxy warfare from behind the scenes pitting Muslim against Hindu. Has Russia done the same from behind the scenes by pitting “radical Islam” against the US?

And from the interview:

“In Britain, because of Empire, because of the imperial history, because of the necessity of keeping trade routes open over vast distance, we learned to divide princelings against each other. To inspire Muslims to fight Hindu. We were wicked in terms of colonial manipulation, because we had to proxy wars. And, we did this through the collecting and the distribution of a really fine quantity of intelligence.

How hard would it be to figure out that the “conservative movement” was for sale, and take advantage? What controls, accountability, oversight, checks-and-balances are in place to make sure things like this don’t happen? Oh, wait, those are the things the “conservative movement” got rid of first.
Update – Follow-up post: Russian Money to So-Called “Conservatives”

7 thoughts on “How Nuts Am I?

  1. Dave, I think it’s quite possible that neoconservative ideology has managed to sabotage the country without all that much help from outside. Iran and China are definitely going to benefit, but how does that actually benefit the neoconservative ideologues? Is it possible that they’re just fools, completely out of touch with reality? I’m sure Iran and China are delighted, but did they really have to do all that much manipulating?
    Now Russia, which has always been extremely clever, is another story entirely. They’ve undoubtedly been manipulating things as much as they can. But when you have total fools in office, as we do here, my hunch is they’ve thought they’ve been awfully clever while being totally conned by the more sophisticated and experienced in China and Russia.

  2. Well it is my point that the “conservative movement” crowd are “just fools, out of touch with reality.”
    You wrote “But when you have total fools in office, as we do here, my hunch is they’ve thought they’ve been awfully clever while being totally conned by the more sophisticated and experienced in China and Russia.”
    Yes, that is what I am saying may have happened.

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  4. Let me say it loud and clear, Dave: you are not nuts at all! Your argument makes perfect sense to this woman.

  5. I wouldn’t be so quick to call them fools.
    They have our money and we don’t. Krugman warned us that their solutions rarely had anything to do with the problem they tell us they are working on.

  6. Maybe it was some oil industry plot to start a war between Shia and Sunni Islam? Of course we will be to politically weak to fully dominate the political vacuum it will create.

  7. I also believe that the financial power of Saudi Arabia and China mean that they have a veto over American policy. These investors aren’t looking for economic returns or resale value — they’re buying leverage. And if one or the other desides to sell, they candestroy our economy.
    The pro-China tilt goes back probably to Nixon and seems to have been continuous. At one point (under Clinton I think) the US ambassador to China accused Tibetan protestors of being traitors.

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