How Much Harm Bush Has Done

What if…

What if North Korea, observing that our forces are stretched too thin in Iraq, completed a couple of their nuclear weapons, and sold one of them to al-Queda? What if the administration learned of this, and needed to warn the public and quickly draft and mobilize civilian defense forces to watch all of our ports and borders?

What if…

What if Libya or Iran or the IRA or the Aryan Nations was about to do something terrible and Bush needed to come to the public and ask for sacrifice and preparation?

Would anyone believe Bush, if he came to us with this?

What if this happened just before the election? Would anyone believe him? SHOULD anyone believe him?

The problem is that Bush did something like this, just before the LAST election, and used it to take the Senate and solidify the House, and then got us into a war, and gave fat war contracts to campaign contributors and family friends — and now it turns out that it was all entirely based on forged evidence and lies and distortions.

The whole adventure was entirely for political and economic gain and not for reasons of national security. So he has used up all of the good will a President has. And he has completely politicized the national security arena.

Look at a thousand potential scenarios and think about the damage Bush and the right-wingers have done to the country with their lies and their military adventures.

What if…?