How Much Do Auto Workers Make?

Go read The media myth: Detroit’s $70-an-hour autoworker.
Auto workers make $28 an hour on average. No auto assembly-line worker makes $70 an hour, even if the media repeats that figure over and over. The $70 figure includes the “labor costs” of health care and pensions for retired and injured workers and the cost of management for that worker/hour, as if it was added to the number of labor hours that goes into a car today.
Yes, GM and the others have a high cost to cover the benefits to their workers. That was the point of our laws that set up corporations — to benefit US. Japanese and German and other car companies have many of these costs paid by the government. They did it with taxes and had the government provide the benefits, we tried to do it throught the corporations themselves, and our model hasn’t worked.
The point is that we need health care reform and decent pensions for all Americans, through We, the People — the government. It certainly doesn’t mean that we should just get rid of the last major manufacturers we have. Sheesh.