How McCain/Palin Administration Will Operate

Go read: Brandon Friedman: Alaska National Guard General Changes Story; Palin Promotes. Summary: Commander of Alaska Nat. Guard undercuts Palin’s “experience” argument. Then the commander changes his story to support her and three days later gets a big promotion.
Another: McCain and Palin once again play ‘Barracuda’. Summary: if a teenager downloads a tune, he is prosecuted. But if a Republican Presidential campaign steals tunes, refuses to get permission or pay royalties or stop using the tune when the artist demands — too bad.
Another: Palin Again Recites Lie About Bridge To Nowhere. Summary: Candidate tells a big lie. Won’t stop. Press refuses to make an issue of it.
This is a small sample of what’s coming if McCain wins. If you think Bush was an incompetent, warmaking liar you will soon long for the days of Bush. Get ready for that. And watch your backs.