How Does Cutting Everyone’s Take-Home Pay 2% Help?

The “fiscal cliff” deal cuts everyone’s take-home pay by 2% (but cuts inheritance taxes on billionaires). Not sure how that helps us…

Before the elections Republicans wanted the economy to tank so people wouldn’t vote for Obama. But now? Why? Is it just out of spite, they lost so they are forcing everyone to have less?

1 thought on “How Does Cutting Everyone’s Take-Home Pay 2% Help?

  1. I think that they’re still playing their games of Palace Intrigue. The rest of humanity doesn’t really seem to exist for them. It may very well take the permanent inundation of American port cities before they can be jerked out of their self-involved worlds. If they don’t own coastal property, all bets are off.
    They’re “entiled” to the wealth of the group but bear no responsibility to the welfare of the group as a whole. Once again we are shown the paucity of the dollar as a determinant of value.

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