How Conservative Propaganda Works

Main headline at Drudge Report, with a picture of Harry Reid, “Most Futile Ever,” linking to a Moonie newspaper story: Congress logs most futile legislative year on record – Washington Times.
Republicans filibustered everything. And then they campaign on Democrats not getting anything done.
Democrats don’t do anything to point out to the public that filibusters are occurring, don’t even explain to the public that Republicans filibustered everything, instead talk about how they want to work with Republicans. So the public only sees the results.
Republicans understand that their leaders are “strong” and call Democrats “weak.”
So Republicans turn out for elections, Democrats are discouraged, dispirited.

1 thought on “How Conservative Propaganda Works

  1. Still can’t see the forest for the trees ? You have just described a cooperative effort to frame Dems as weak.
    All through the Bush Jr. admin House votes for funding the war carried – with the ‘Democratic’ Party enabling the carnage.
    There are two War parties and no opposition. What’s to understand ? I promise you the USA is hard pressed to recognize a liberal if they fell over one…though Progressives are closer than they would like to admit.

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