HOW Big A Threat?

Many Republicans say that terrorism is the most serious threat ever faced by the United States. President Bush said on Thursday:

…this nation is at war with Islamic fascists who will use any means to destroy those of us who love freedom, to hurt our nation,” …

Cheney, in March,

“They seek to impose a dictatorship of fear, under which every man, woman, and child lives in total obedience to a narrow, hateful ideology. The terrorists have targeted people of every nationality and every religious faith, including Muslims who disagree with them,” said Cheney, adding, “The war on terror is a fight against evil; victory in this war will be a victory for peaceful men and women of every religious faith.”

Sounds pretty serious, no?
I’ve often said that in The Propaganda Age we need to learn to look only at what they DO, not what they SAY. So, in order to determine just HOW serious a threat the Republicans actually think terrorism is, let’s look at what they actually DO about the threat.
So just how serious a threat does the United States face from terrorism? Let’s look at the ways they could be asking the citizens to involve themselves.

Taxes to pay for the war? Nope.
Instituting a draft to fight the war? Nope.
Fuel economy standards to reduce our dependence on oil from the Middle East? Nope.
Federal energy conservation requirements like a 55mph speed limit or lowering the thermostats on air conditioners? Nope.
Increasing port security and searching all cargo containers? Nope.
How about the recent news that the Bush administration had CUT the budget for R&D into detecting explosives on airplanes?
Please – add in the comments more things they could be doing that are real, not just propaganda.
If you do believe that terrorism is a serious threat to our safety and security, perhaps you should consider whether the Republicans really are the right people to be handling things. They SAY a lot, but what are they actually DOING that’s real? Maybe their attitude of saying instead of doing is sending the wrong signal to the public.

2 thoughts on “HOW Big A Threat?

  1. How about port security, upgrading the Coast Guard, supposed to protect the entire US coastline from terrorism, so that it’s maybe a little bit bigger than the New York Police Dept. and providing it with ships that aren’t 20 – 30 years old?
    The general “plan” no matter what the threat, from floods, hurricanes, terror attacks, to a possible bird flu pandemic, is: have plenty of supplies on hand, get in your car and drive, and above all don’t expect anything from us if you don’t evacuate when you’re told to. And so far as I can find out, that’s it, folks. The “plan” is every man for himself and you’re on your own. In other words, no matter what the current window dressing and theatrics, there is no plan and we really are on our own.

  2. This is the your-on-your-own-er-ship socirty, MJ.
    My favorite homeland security story is about the Colorado nuns who did hard time for breaking into the nukes, hammering and smearing blood them. It took an hour for authorities to get there.
    I think they got out and did it again.

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