How bad can it get?

I think that even we anti-war folk sometimes forget how bad the worst could be. But here’s mild-mannered, centrist Kevin Drum:

A year from now, we could end up in the middle of a full-blown civil war costing a thousand American lives a month. We could end up taking sides in a shooting war against Turkey, a NATO ally. We could end up fighting off an armed invasion from Iran. We could end up on the receiving of an oil embargo led by Saudi Arabia. Who knows?

There’s a real down side to putting an ignorant, mean-minded, superstitious bully in charge of the most powerful military the world has ever seen. After the fall of the USSR, the US was in a position of extraordinary power and influence. Bush treated this pre-eminence the way a naughty boy treats a plate marked “unbreakable” — he took it as a challenge. And sure enough, he succeeded in overplaying a very strong hand.
I still believe that there should be recriminations. When the shit hits the fan, all of the Republicans, media people, Christians, neocons, warbloggers, and operatives who gave us this disaster should be put on the spot, called to account, and sent off in disgrace.
But it’s very unlikely that that will happen.

4 thoughts on “How bad can it get?

  1. sorry to burst in on a thread, but here’s a story I found at the bottom of my yahoo rss feeds page, which I should say is my second homepage, my google homepage’s various rss feeds had no mention of the story. Seems the “liberal” media didn’t find too much interest in it, at least yet.
    It was under the category “Science News”, already a category limited pretty much to science and technology geeks who tend to support big us policy anyway…
    I figured I’d pass it on.

  2. I should add that the story was at the absolute bottom of the topic, about ready to run out of time to get noticed.

  3. > But it’s very unlikely that that [recriminations against warbloggers, etc.] will happen.
    I’m sure that there will be a few who come to realize that they were deceived in the worst possible way. Like David Brock, they might realize that they weren’t merely factually deceived; they were deceived into lying, cheating, and making up crap against their targets. (For example, Anita Hill was “a little bit nutty, and a little bit slutty.”)
    For the most part, though, I think that it won’t happen unless we MAKE it happen. How to do it? Beyond what we’ve been doing all along — exposing the lies and double standards used by the punditry, I don’t know.
    One idea is to make cruel examples of a few of the worst of the media pundits. But then, we allow the rest of them some kind of graceful, face-saving out.

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