House of Bush, House of Saud

The New York Times just ran a stupid review of Craig Unger’s book House of Bush, House of Saud. I strongly recommend Unger’s book, but Tepperman’s Times review is worth reading too, just for a glimpse at the way the establishment group mind works.

Unger points out that the Bushes have long-established ties to the Saudis and that the Saudis have donated over a billion dollars to Bush-sponsored causes. He speculates that this may have caused the Bushes to be friendlier to the Saudis than they should have been. There’s nothing really extreme about this conclusion.

But Tepperman frames the book as a “conspiracy theory” in order to dismiss Unger’s main points. He actually concedes many of Unger’s facts (though one fact which he does not mention is that the 9/11 attack was manned, funded, and organized by Saudis.) He concludes his review by explaining that we are slaves of the Saudis and have little choice other than to do pretty much whatever they want us to do.

Tepperman is the senior editor of the prestigious journal Foreign Affairs, which makes his mediocre dishonesty (and his hopelessness about our relationship with the Saudis) seem a bit more more alarming.

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