House Debate On Sham GOP Murtha Resolution

If you are tuning in late and missed the brouhaha in the House, Rep. Hunter put up a sham sense of the House resolution calling for an immediate withdrawal from Iraq.
Synopsis at MyDD by Scott Shields.
Issue Analysis at MyDD by Jonathan Singer.

As usual, it was live blogged at dkos and Anti-Murtha Resolution II here.
As I write this Rep. Murtha is getting a standing O from the Democrats prior to the vote on the actual sham resolution.
Also at MYDD Hackett has called out DeWine over Schmidt’s remark.
If you are stopping by near or shortly after 7:00 p.m. PST, Air America is having a live discussion on The Majority Report with a promised appearance by Paul Hackett.
I’m listening to Rep. Murtha on CSPAN and The Majority Report on my laptop, because the radio show has been pre-empted by the Clippers.
[Update: Republican Vote of Shame III This live blogging diary at dkos covers Rep. Murtha’s smackdown of the resolution and talking points. Murtha has been the only Democratic speaker and he is crushing Bush and the entire Republican Party.]
[Update II: 7:53 PST LIve Thread on Sham Murtha Resolution. It was just clarified on the floor of the House that the vote is on The Hunter Resolution, not the Murtha Resolution.

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