Hooray For Obama!

The BRAD BLOG : Obama Blocks Vote on Von Spakovsky in Senate!,

A Democrat does the right thing for a change! What are the odds these days?
… Roll Call (subscription req’d) is reporting that Harry Reid (D-NV) and the Democratic Leadership had shamefully “struck a deal” with Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KS) to slide four FEC nominations, including the GOP “voter fraud” zealot, von Spakovsky, through the Senate on a voice vote, unless any Senators objected.
Obama did object today and succeeded in blocking the vote. Bravo! Don’t back down, Senator!

Who is Hans von Spakovsky, Bush’s nominee to the Federal Elections Commission?
Carpetbagger Report: Von Spakovsky and the FEC: Don’t let this fox near the henhouse,

Hans von Spakovsky, as a top political appointee in Bush’s Justice Department, was a leading player in what McClatchy straightforwardly calls the administration’s “vote-suppression agenda.”


Why is the nation’s largest civil rights coalition urging that his confirmation be rejected? Because this man was one of the generals in a years-long campaign to use what we now know to be bogus claims of runaway “vote fraud” in America to suppress minority votes. Von Spakovsky was one of the people who helped melt down and then reshape the Justice Department into an instrument aimed at diminishing voter participation for partisan ends.