Holocaust Museum Shooting Demostrates Need for Employee Free Choice

Security guards at the Holocaust Museum, members of the Security, Police and Fire Professionals of America, had tried to get protective vests from the company that employs them. The company didn’t want to bother with this “cost” and wouldn’t provide vests. Now one guard is dead.
Employees need to be able to have a say in their workplace. The “security” company was concerned with profits. The employees were the ones concerned with security. The company won out.
This is one more reason why we need the Employee Free Choice Act.
From page 2 of Grief, Shock After ‘Outstanding’ Guard Loses His Life in the Line of Duty – washingtonpost.com,

Faye said that during contract negotiations with Wackenhut two years ago, the union pressed for company-issued protective vests. Although Wackenhut seemed open to the idea, vests have not been issued, Faye said.
“I hammered this in our negotiations two years ago because of how sensitive that museum is,” he said. “Our guards needed more protection.” He said that one of the guards at the museum was “verbally assaulted by one guy walking by, saying anti-Semitic remarks. For that reason, I made that the center of the negotiation.”

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  1. With so much about the Holocaust in the news recently let us not, ever, forget that the supposed atheist champion of reason, Sam Harris, actually blames the Jews ourselves for all of our suffering including the Holocaust:
    “The gravity of Jewish suffering over the ages, culminating in the Holocaust, makes it almost impossible to entertain any suggestion that Jews might have brought their troubles upon themselves. This is, however, in a rather narrow sense, the truth.”—“The End of Faith,” p. 93
    This post elucidated the point:

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