Hillary’s Tears

Matt Stoller at Open Left:: Clinton’s Sincerity Moment,

I thought her appearance was one of the sweetest, toughest, and most forthright expressions of Hillary Clinton’s belief system I have ever seen. She genuinely believes this country is lost without someone who knows how to deal with the massive problems we’re facing, and she genuinely doesn’t think Obama can do it. Moreover, she looks kind of lost in the politics, unable to comprehend how her decades of hard work and compromises could be rejected by voters. Don’t they see that Obama isn’t ready? Can’t they go beyond the rhetoric and look at substance? She has gotten plenty of liberal policies done, why are the liberals voting for someone else? Whatever you may think of Clinton, she has put her whole life into public service.
I was on the trail for three days last week, and it is incredibly tiring. Candidates go from event to event, eating pizza, sleeping little, surrounded by press and fans and opponents in a high pressure atmosphere. That Clinton does it, and expresses herself so sweetly in this appearance, is to her credit, even if the cynical, nasty, and misogynistic press corps doesn’t get it. She understands just how mean and unfair they are. What she doesn’t understand is that liberal politics are winning politics.