Hillary In The Crossfire

It appears that Hillary’s appeal for a cease fire has mis-fired. It remains to be seen if the damage she has done to herself and the DLC is irrepairable. Bob Brigham over at Swing State Project sets the stage, DLC Scandal Dogs HRC in WaPo:

Anyone who supports the DLC is fair game, even Hillary. And Hillary fucked up big time with Democrats:

Roger Hickey, co-director of the liberal Campaign for America’s Future, said Clinton had badly miscalculated the current politics inside the Democratic Party and argued that she could pay a price for her DLC association if she runs for president in 2008.
“There has been an activist resurgence in the Democratic Party in recent years, and Hillary risks ensuring that there’s a candidate to her left appealing to those activists who don’t much like the DLC,” he said.

Not only is Hillary losing netroots and grassroots support by aligning herself with Al From and the DLC, but she is failing to change the dynamics.
If there were a text-book, Hillary Clinton would be breaking every rule.
Oh wait, there is a text-book. By cognitive scientist George Lakoff, and yes, Hillary is doing everything wrong. Total FUBAR.

Believe it or not, Bob’s opinion is one of the more moderate takes on Hillary and the DLC.

Naturally Bob rakes Al From over the coals. The Brigham Corrolary to The 11th Commandment: If you’re in the DLC you’re fair game.
Bob makes the obvious points about the DLC fallacy that the only way Democrats can win is by pandering to the right and then links to David Sirota: Bowing down to those who undermine:

Democratic presidential contenders go suck up to the DLC, an organization whose for the last two decades has done everything it can to undermine the Democratic Party – even going to great lengths to attack Democratic presidential candidates it doesn’t like. Then, hilariously, these same Democratic politicians who genuflect to the DLC claim to be shocked – shocked! – that the public has no idea what the Democratic Party stands for anymore.

This is more than just idle talk from hard left blogosphere fanatics. The DLC’s irrelevance and disconnect from the Democratic party has made it into the M$M:

Just look at this Knight-Ridder story detailing the agenda the DLC rolled out yesterday – it reads like Republican talking points:

– Topping the agenda [DLC President Al From] wrote with former Clinton White House adviser Bruce Reed were several proposals on national security. “It’s a toughness issue. We have to prove we’re willing to pull the trigger,” From said. In other words, the DLC argues that Democrats must show they are willing to indiscriminately bomb, kill and maim people in order to win elections, even though the public now fully opposes what we’re doing in Iraq.
– The DLC wants to “allow military recruiters unrestricted access to college campuses.” Again, the American people oppose what we are doing in Iraq, and the DLC’s response is to push for more militarization and to push for more recruitment of young people to send them off to fight overseas in wars based on lies that the DLC helped justify.
– The DLC wants “to cut the federal budget deficit, they proposed cutting congressional and nondefense government staff by 10 percent.” Cutting “nondefense” is a nice way of saying cutting things like health care, labor rights enforcement, housing, etc – cuts the GOP is already proposing. In other words, instead of talking about wasteful spending in Iraq, the DLC wants the budget debate to focus on plans to hack into the social progress that Democrats have fought for over the last fifty years.

And remember, this says nothing about the DLC’s willingness to continually undermine every Democratic Party effort to make sure trade policy starts working for ordinary Americans.

Sirota makes some additional points and concludes:

Sure, the DLC will technically exist forever – there are always corporate funding sources available to preserve an insular Washington, D.C. organization that shills for Big Business and the Republican Party agenda. But politically, the DLC – and its constant undermining of the Democratic Party – is on its way out in terms of real relevance.

My favorite article on the DLC/Hillary dust up came from Steve Gilliard at The News Blog, Going to the DLC meeting is crazier than Ricky Williams:

Whittman should be under no illusions as to the contempt he is held in by most Democrats. He worked for the Hudson Institute, home to various rightwing crackpots. Why not have Joe Trippi consult with Karl Rove on races. So his opinion is as relevant as mine on Jen’s choice of lipstick.

The best part of Gilliard’s article is his quote from Matt Taibbi:

Dear Fuckhead,
No, I don’t think you should run for the chair of the Democratic Party. I think you should get into your car, check into the nearest dingy motel, eat one last cheeseburger and blow your brains out.
Let’s start with something small, your nickname. To begin with, it’s taken. It belonged to a person that the world has judged to be of genuine historical import, a man with balls, a person who, by all accounts, literally bowled crowds of people over with his personality every time he entered a room.
You, on the other hand, are a nobody, a bureaucrat, a stuffed suit. You don’t have a single idea of your own. You have to honk in order to get served at the local drive-thru. You think you’re being cute and funny by taking Teddy Roosevelt’s nickname, but it’s not funny. It’s sad. What you are, exactly, is a high school nerd who starts a Van Halen cover band and does David Lee Roth kicks when he rocks out in his garage in front of his only friend’s eight-year-old brother. Outside that garage, the whole world concludes that you will never reproduce. That’s you in your DLC offices, playing at being Teddy Roosevelt.
People are slowly coming to understand what the DLC is. You are a tiny gang of needle-nosed cubicle slaves hired to sell out the genuine political aspirations of millions of people. You have been hired to rush from newsroom to newsroom badmouthing almost every principle your constituents have held for decades, and to propagandize at every opportunity the hopelessness of such ideas as peace, tolerance and ideological backbone.
It’s bad enough that you are who you are. But that you should have fun doing what you’re doing is just flat-out intolerable. I wouldn’t get too used to it, if I were you. But that’s just one Mooseketeer’s opinion.

This Mooseketeer could not agree more. It’s time for the DLC to disband and rejoin the Democratic party.

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  1. Who’s the real danger- Bush or centrist Democrats? We need to keep this in perspective, and stop this insane infighting, or we will be living in a Republican Gilead in another 10 years.
    There’s NO chance any leftist agenda will be enacted under Bush. There’s NO chance a leftist will be elected President.With centrists in control at least the leftists will have a voice.

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