Heritage Study Backs Up Christian Ideology

Studies Rebut Earlier Report on Pledges of Virginity – New York Times

Challenging earlier findings, two studies from the Heritage Foundation reported yesterday that young people who took virginity pledges had lower rates of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases and engaged in fewer risky sexual behaviors.

Well, of COURSE they did! That’s what studies from the Heritage Foundation DO! They say whatEVER the Christian-right funders TELL them to say! Jeeze.

Independent experts called the new findings provocative, but criticized the Heritage team’s analysis as flawed and lacking the statistical evidence to back its conclusions. The new findings have not been submitted to a journal for publication, an author said. The independent experts who reviewed the study said the findings were unlikely to be published in their present form.

So why did you put it in the New York Times, then? Oh, wait … I think I know.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, which helped pay for the study, declined through a spokeswoman to comment on the new study.

Got that? The CDC used your tax dollars to pay Heritage Foundaton for this study. Remember the story about all the young interns being trained to be right-wing operatives at … the Heritage Foundaton? Tax dollars going to the Hertage Foundation for research that backs up Christian-right ideology. And, no doubt, also happens to finance their efforts on behalf of The Party.
Right-wing takeover is almost complete. Watch your backs!

7 thoughts on “Heritage Study Backs Up Christian Ideology

  1. So what, millions of dollars a year are used to provide funding to generate data for the global warming zealots, which they then misinterpret horrendously and try to force draconian restrictions down our throat against our will. So why should one group of religious fanatics (global warming alarmists) get a load of federal cash to help support their crusade and another group cannot.
    No, the only solution is to recognize the lack of critical thought and objectivity (as well as the maiming of the scientific method) inherent in both of these endeavors and cancel their public funding. If they can get private funding then more power to them.

  2. I refuse to comment on the idiot ideas expressed by Pericles.
    We used to be able to trust and rely on the CDC, which has done splendid work protecting us from incredibly serious epidemics. Now I’m wondering. How much are they being undermined by this crazed administration, and how long will it take to undo the damage?
    Good God! If we can no longer rely on the integrity of the CDC and our other public health institutions, in these times of international travel and the threats of epidemics this brings with it, we’re in more serious trouble than we can possibly imagine until disaster hits.

  3. According to The Sun on the rack at my local supermarket, the world is going to end on September 24th.
    Take all your vacation days NOW.

  4. dear Richard and dear pericles, you might want to watch that date.. you never know.It could happen.

  5. um, hold up everyone.

    I can see how the times article could be misread because it’s badly written and contains too many pronouns…but fortunately, the CDC didn’t pay for the Heritage Foundation study.

    The CDC (and like 15 other organizations) funded the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (“Add-Health”), a huge data collection project that was completed, in part, by the researchers those Heritage asshats are trying to refute.

    Then those researchers (the ones they’re trying to refute) did analyses on the Add-Health data. The Heritage guys did different analyses but on the same data…You can buy the data or use part of it for free.

    the times article mentions a “national survey,” but is completely unclear about who did what and where the cdc was involved. the article is just a piece of shit, top to bottom.

  6. The fact that it was not and will not be published says it all…it is statistically manipulated bullshit. Of course, now the crazines in the Bush Admin will have to suppress hospital reports of STDs that will happen because the kids are not getting protection information. The last time scientific deciet on this scale was run by a government was the Lysenko debacle under Stalin, which used “faith-based” agriculture theory to direct ag policy and nearly starved the nation to death. The question is rapidly becoming obvious, which will die first, America or the Conservatives.

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