Heritage Foundation spamming bloggers?

According to Off the Kuff, in How clueless can you get?, the Heritage Foundation has be cause spamming bloggers… here’s a sample:


You’ve been discovered! Tim Rutten’s Media column in today’s edition of

The Los Angeles Times is the latest example of the traditional media’s

newfound appreciation of the growing influence of bloggers on America’s

public policy debates.

Our job at The Heritage Foundation is to provide useful resources –

objective data and conservative analysis and commentary – to journalists,

analysts and commentators of all stripes. But we aren’t quite sure how

to do this with the blogger community.

So this email is an invitation for you to participate in an experiment.

For the next month, we will periodically email to you short notices

about significant Heritage studies, publications and events. At the end of

the month, let us know if these notices were helpful. If not, tell us

at any time, and you won’t get any more. If you find you only want those

notices regarding specific issue areas – foreign policy, welfare

reform, etc. – we’ll limit our future emails to you thusly. If you want to

continue receiving all of the notices, let us know that, too.

Regardless of your perspective on the issues of the day, we are

confident you will find Heritage materials useful in your effort to provide

the kind of incisive, immediate and thoughtful commentary and analysis

made possible by blogging.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts.


Laura Bodwell Mark Tapscott

Marketing Manager Director, Media Services

The Heritage Foundation The Heritage Foundation

… note the title: “Marketing Manager Director, Media Services”

While “spamming” (and I think this falls into a gray area – if you own a blog, and post your email address for contacts, it isn’t unreasonable for someone to contact you, even using a form letter… although their “opt-out” strategy is majorly uncool) is highly un-hip, this is a pretty smart tactic on their part… a totally new way for them to “seed” a message, in a co-ordinated fashion, into the public dialogue. The Center for American Progress should take note.