Here It Comes III

ACLU accuses FBI of ‘spying’ on political activists,

On the same day that the FBI warned a Congressional committee about the danger of “domestic terrorism,” the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Wednesday accused the FBI of using terrorism as a pretext to spy on activists who “oppose the war in Iraq, the USA Patriot Act, and other government policies.”
[. . .] Meanwhile, the ACLUissued a statement that said “the FBI and local police are engaging in intimidation based on political association and are improperly investigating law-abiding human rights and advocacy groups.” The statement was based on information gathered from numerous Freedom of Information Act requests. The ACLU said it was filing a lawsuit in federal court to force the FBI to turn over “thousands of pages” of extra information that had been withheld.

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1 thought on “Here It Comes III

  1. This is just like the 60s, when the FBI was illegally spying on everybody. The difference is that it’s now “legal.”
    Just as Hitler managed to make everything he did “legal” by having laws passed, so are the Repugs.

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