Here and there and everywhere

Not having a good day today, or yesterday. I’ve been garbling stuff all over the place — equipment failure had something to do with it. Here are some miscellaneous items.

I. New “Bush flip-flop” site

TR at Eriposte, whose Swiftvets summary covers that story in detail, has shifted his energies to a Bush flipflop summary. His stuff is a great resource for people writing letters to the editor, speaking in public, arguing with their freeper brothers-in-law, etc.

II. Put your money down now!

“Osama Sweepstakes is a fun method of putting a very important issue in front of the American people. I believe, like many others, that bin Laden is currently in custody and will be unveiled before the election, leaving Kerry in a no-win situation.

The site, at allows you to vote for the day that YOU think Karl Rove has determined as optimum for his ‘capture’! ”

III. And what I also meant to say was:

This sentence dropped out of my post about how Republicans mean “macho” when they say “character”:

“All these years, The DLC has been giving us the wrong advice. They’ve been encouraging us to accomodate ourselves to the Republicans, when what the voters have really wanted is for the Democrats to be tougher and less weeny. No one in the world is afraid of Joe Lieberman, and Republicans love him. Democrats can’t gain the voters’ respect by submitting to the alpha male.”