Help Cursor / Media Transparency

The post below, Right-Wing Think Tanks Really Adjuncts to the Republican Party, refers to a newspaper story that quotes Rob Levine of
Cursor runs a research and information site, Cursor’s Media Transparency, the money behind the conservative media. Media Transparency is one of the most valuable resources available to those of us who track the “conservative movement’s” operations. They do the research to track who is funding the network of PR organizations that operates as an adjunct of The Party, and that cranks out the incessant propaganda promoting The Party and its candidates and issues.
Media Transparency is a key resource for learning what is happening to us and to our country. You should visit the site often. You should learn to use their search engine to look up organizations and individuals to see fi they are funded operatives of The Party.
What I am getting at here is that Cursor and Media Transparency deserve your support. Here is where you can contribute to their effort. Help keep them going.