Heart of the Beholder

The trials and travails surrounding the making of this film (and the original story itself) demonstrate the frightening level of control that ultra-conservative Christian morality police have over our media production infrastructure.

“HEART of the BEHOLDER is based on the true story of how a young couple was ruined by a group of religious fundamentalists because they were the only video store owners who dared to carry Martin Scorsese’s controversial film, The Last Temptation of Christ. The couple stood up against relentless harassment, intimidation, and even death threats. When the couple refused to buckle, the religious zealots blackmailed the District Attorney into destroying their business and family.”

Turns out the D.A. frequented prostitutes… and one of them wound up joining one of the religious groups harassing these folk, and telling them all about his secret life. Pretty effective blackmail material.
As you can imagine, the Christian right isn’t particularly eager to have this sordid tale of unethical behavior by their fellow believers given any prominence, and they’ve been doing anything and everything possible to prevent these people from successfully making and/or distributing this film. Now that the producers have actually succeeded in producing it (on a shoestring, for less than $500,000), they are trying to get it into film festivals… and elements of the Christian far right are organizing to prevent this.
Amusingly enough, the producer is a Fox employee, the “Vice President of Broadcast Standards and Practices for Fox Cable Networks in Los Angeles”, doing this on a waiver. I guess not all the folks working for the masters of the dark side are evil. 🙂
Visit the Heart of the Beholder web site for more information.

5 thoughts on “Heart of the Beholder

  1. I love the movie “The Last Temptation of Christ.” It’s not only extremely well done but it has great religious and spiritual understanding. What’s the matter with these idiots?
    The whole country’s been reduced to comic book level black/white morality. Disgusting!

  2. Damn. If we can’t even trust the prostitutes to be discrete anymore, I guess we’ll have to just start offing them.

  3. “Then again, it’s a lot easier to accept Jesus Christ into your life when he looks like Wilhem Dafoe.”

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