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I learned today that our health insurance decided I can’t have Lipitor anymore. I’ve been taking it for years. It works, and I don’t have side-effects. But they know better than my doctor.
They also decided my wife can’t have one of her prescriptions, either.
And they raised our prescription co-pay to $40. We also have co-pays and deductibles for office visits as well.
The two of us pay between $1200 and $1300 a MONTH for health insurance, and now we will also pay about $200 a month more for prescription co-pays – if they let us have the drugs at all.
And if we DO get sick, will they decide not to cover us?
This is what private health insurance companies are about.
The ONLY solution is setting up a Medicare-for-all system, run by the people for the people.

4 thoughts on “Health Insurance

  1. How does the saying go? Support “Socialized Medicine” and you will have bureaucrats determining your health care. You support it, and bureaucrats are determining your health care.

  2. John, I really don’t see what your point is (other than to propagate the usual neocon BS about “socialized medicine”).
    As *I* read Dave’s article, he and his wife are using PRIVATE HEALTH INSURANCE (usually known as the “anti-socialized medicine”) and THOSE “bureaucrats” are deciding what’s best for them. The big problem with the whole private health care deal is that NO ONE regulates what private healthcare charges or allows to be covered.

  3. My comment was based on an old quote from the sixties and seventies: “Vote for Goldwater, and you’ll get war. I did, and we got war.” In this case, the claim was that “socialized medicine” would give us bureaucrats controlling our health care.
    We now have bureaucrats controlling our health care. It isn’t socialized medicine but private medicine that’s doing it.

  4. You aren’t telling us the whole story about your medications. The reason your insurance does not want to pay for Lipitor is because 1 month of Lipitor is about $70. 1 month of generic Zocor or Pravachol is about $1-2. Most people can achieve the same results from either medication.
    Doctors can get pretty nice kick-backs for prescribing certain brand medications over the similar generically-available ones.

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