Health Insurance Mandates

Here is the main reason I am not endorsing Hillary or Obama. Hillary’s health care plan has “mandates.” Everyone must buy insurance. Obama’s does not have mandates. The government will make it easier to buy insurance. Neither has a Medicare-for-all health plan.

Paul Krugman is in an argument
with Obama, because he points out that not having mandates means that you won’t get to universal health care. The young, healthy people will decide not to get insurance, others will decide not to spend the money for whatever reason, and soon only the expensive people will have insurance and we’re back where we are now. Obama’s plan can not work. On top of that his ads against Hillary’s plan, saying it is wrong for the government to mandate that you join a program, reinforce the right’s anti-government arguments, including those against Social Security.
But Hillary says her plan will have a mandate to buy health insurance. FORCING people to give money to greedy, corrupt corporations? This is political suicide. Readers know how I feel about insurance companies. I will never vote for someone with the brilliant idea of forcing me to give my money to greedy corporations so their CEOs can buy bigger jets. This shows that Hillary now (correctly) feels it is safer politically to go up against the needs of the people than the wishes of the insurance companies.
Hillary’s “mandates” plan proves that the only way we can have health insurance is with a Medicare-for-all system. Period. She may be trying to tell us that.

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more strongly. We HAVE to have universal health insurance, or all we have is more of the same old crap. In his new budget, Bush is cutting back on Medicaid/Medicare. Good grief! It’s bad enough now!

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