Health Care Results Will Judge Value Of Democratic Party

A thought. If the Democratic Party is unable to bring the people health care reform this year — and that means with a very strong “public option” and subsidies so we can afford the coverage — then I think it is time to ask whether the Democratic Party as presently constituted is capable of serving the people, or should be scrapped and a new party built from the grassroots up? There is nothing more basic to the idea of democracy than that the people should realize the basic benefits of modern society, and the most basic of these is a right to health care.

1 thought on “Health Care Results Will Judge Value Of Democratic Party

  1. i strongly agree. if they Dems drop this one, it may be time toeither start a new party or energize an existing 3rd party.
    right now in this country we have two political parties: the Know-Nothings and the Do-Nothings.
    it is time for a change.

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