Health Care “Reform” — Wait A Minute!

Democrats Nearing Consensus on Health Plan,

… Democratic leaders in both houses said they would require individuals to carry insurance and employers to help pay for it.
. . . The House bill, as outlined on Tuesday, would allow people to enroll in a government-run health insurance plan similar to Medicare.
By contrast, some Senate Democrats are trying to limit the scope of any new government plan, in the hope they can persuade some Republicans to vote for their legislation.

They are planning to REQUIRE BY LAW that everyone who is currently uninsured and every business that currently doesn’t provide insurance pay huge sums of money to big insurance corporations? For me and my wife health insurance costs somewhere around $1400 a month! With or without a public option people will riot in the streets. This will bankrupt every person and business in the country that doesn’t already have insurance.
THIS is what they come up with, while refusing to even discuss Medicare-for-all? Do they somehow imagine that anyone in the country would ever, ever vote for a Democrat again, ever, whether this passes or not? This isn’t “fixing” health care, this is “fixing it” for insurance companies!
I knew they were out of touch, but I never imagined that they could be THIS out of touch!