Health Care Reform Mistake

Don’t the Democrats see what is going to happen?

An outline of health-care legislation drafted by House Democrats would require employers to provide insurance to workers and would require individuals to carry insurance.

Requiring people and businesses to pay out of pocket to big corporations (or even for a public option) is the exact opposite of the health care solutions that have worked in other countries. It is government abandoning people instead of protecting and empowering. This IS the worst of “big government” and will discredit the Democratic brand, as well as discredit government itself in people’s minds.
Please read about what happened after the Congress passed the Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act of 1988, requiring elderly people to pay for their coverage: House Panel Leader Jeered by Elderly in Chicago,

“Representative Dan Rostenkowski of Illinois, one of the most powerful members of Congress, was booed and followed down the street by a group of screaming elderly people Thursday as he left a meeting with community leaders opposed to his stance on a program intended to protect the elderly from the high costs of extended illnesses.
. . . The group briefly blocked his car, hitting it with picket signs and pounding on the windows. Mr. Rostenkowski got out of the car and walked briskly down the street for about a block, with the protesters in pursuit. The driver then drove the car to a gasoline station, the Congressman got back in and the car sped away.
. . . The law expanded Medicare, the Federal health insurance program for the elderly, by providing coverage for the high costs of extended illness. But the law has come under attack from many elderly people because the expanded coverage is financed in part through a surtax, paid by about 40 percent of Medicare beneficiaries, of $22.50 for every $150 of income tax liability up to a maximum of $800 this year. Opponents say many middle-income retired people will pay some of the highest tax rates in the nation.”

That was then. This requires MORE people and businesses to pay out MUCH MORE. If they require uninsured people and the businesses that currently do not provide health insurance to pay for health insurance there will be a rebellion like none we have ever witnessed. It really IS the worst of “big government” and Republicans are just itching to unleash their attacks.
1) The reason people don’t have health insurance is they can’t or don’t want to pay for it.
2) The reason GM moved plants to Canada is so they don’t have to pay health insurance.
3) The reason businesses don’t provide health insurance is it costs money.
4) Businesses will be forced to outsource even more if they are mandated to pay for health insurance.
I know it is too late to say this but please, please don’t do this. If you can’t fight the insurance companies and provide “Medicare for all” then say so, but don’t get so caught up in the “need a health care bill, any health care bill” approach that you kill off the party and respect for government.

1 thought on “Health Care Reform Mistake

  1. I’m feeling sick to my stomach about how Obama is managing (?) his healthcare reform, but that may be bcz he’s actually trying to implement a Big Insurers protection plan.
    Obama may be so center right he thinks this is a good thing for him to do. And for his post-political career it will may be. I imagine he’ll be amply rewarded.
    But the Dems! Do they not realize that if there is no real healthcare plan for us “little people” that the Dems will lose supporters, their majority, their principles as a party, their souls?
    Lose lots of elections?
    Guess they’re joining the “Where you gonna go, Sweetie?” approach.
    I don’t know where I’ll go, but it won’t be the Formerly Known as Democratic Party. (FDK Party, coined by Lambert at Dems, please live up to the legacies of FDR and LBJ, please, please, please.
    If they do pass what is essentially single payer, they will stay in the majority for decades. Bill Kristol knew that back in Clinton’s early years as president–and thwarted help for the people then. He made clear to the Repubs that killing universal healthcare was an existential need for survival of the Republican Party.
    That worked out so well so far…for the rest of us. Not so well for the Repubs, actually, bcz Bush messed up their brand, but, I fear, the Dems and Obama are giving them amazing openings to get back in the game.
    So, here we are again, but with even better circumstances for the Dems to implement what Dem presidents since FDR have tried for–and they’re throwing it away. Now, given that Obama had a hard time calling himself a Democrat, perhaps he doesn’t mind if the party is trashed; he’s got his gig.
    I mind.
    I’m old enough to not suffer as long as all those generations after mine; soon I’ll be on Medicare (unless that gets trashed, as well, by the Obama-lead Dems). But I fear for so many Americans under this Pampered Parasites’ regime.
    The Big Insurers are truly parasites on the body politic and on individuals trying to survive.
    Too depressing. Have to get away from the keyboard….

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