Health Care

I’m curious what could lead anyone to think the Supreme Court isn’t going to strike down the health care law, probably with the usual 5-4?
Seriously, we know Thomas will vote to strike it down, because his wife is being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by its opponents. That one is a given, and has nothing to do with the Constitution, law or ethics.
We know Roberts, Scalia and Alito will vote to strike it down because they come out of the conservative movement, and the conservative movement sees killing it as a strategic step against Obama. That one is also a given, and also has nothing to do with the Constitution, law or ethics.
So on the right side of the court it comes down to Kennedy, appointed by Ronald Reagan. He will vote to strike it down.
But don’t bet that the “liberal” minority will vote to keep this law. Many non-right-wingers might be boxed into reflexively hoping the court upholds this law, but don’t forget what this law does. This law orders all of us to purchase insurance from the giant insurance near-monopolies. It was the “corporate/centrist” solution to keeping us from getting Medicare-For-All, and preserving private corporate health insurance. We shouldn’t be hoping the “liberals” vote to confirm that is OK.
Private health care has been proven to not work without the government ordering us to buy it. So if the Court strikes down the law, the only alternative left is Medicare-For-All. Hope for that.