Heading To Boston

I’m leaving in the morning for Boston, arriving about 4:30pm Boston time. So this is my last post before I arrive. There’s a blogger gathering tomorrow evening and I’ll let you know how that goes, depending on when I can get a connection, and time. Same throughout the week — connection and time. There is supposed to be WIFI for bloggers in the convention hall. I also have signed up for T-Mobile so I can use Starbucks as needed. (They have those in Boston, right?) (That was a joke.) (But they DO have a Peets in Harvard Square so I’ll be able to get some ACTUAL coffee while I’m there…)

I’m also attending numerous events outside the hall, put on by organizations like the New Democrat Network, 21st Century Democrats, etc., and I’ll write about those.

I have a digital camera and will try to post pictures each day as I get time.

To everyone who contributed a bit for this trip – THANKS, and I’ll write to each of you during the trip or after, depending on time and connectivity.

And finally, not very many people wrote or left comments with specific requests for things to talk about from the convention. So feel free to leave a comment here. What should I, and other bloggers, look for? What should bloggers do that is different from so-called “journalists?” (At BOPNews I left a comment that I’ll be trying to be LIKE a real reporter, and flock to everything I hear about where there is free food and drinks.)