He Won’t Because He Won’t

Bush: No Plans To Meet With Sheehan:

“She doesn’t represent the view of a lot of the families I have met with,” Bush said.

He won’t meet with people who disagree with him because they don’t represent the views of people he meets with.
That’s like that old Star Trek episode where they blew up the computer by sending it into an infinite loop.

2 thoughts on “He Won’t Because He Won’t

  1. Well, that fits right in with the logic that we have to send more troops to die in Iraq because we’ve already had lots of troops die in Iraq. At least he’s consistent.

  2. Bush will never meet with anyone who questions his behavior or motives because he doesn’t have the answers to their questions. All he is capable of doing independently is to verbalize the same old tired lines that he has rehearsed and memorized. Anything beyond that and you will have to speak to his brain (Rove)

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