Hating Davis

Here’s an e-mail I sent to my wife, for the kid in her office who “hates Davis” because his tuition went up:

For those who don’t know about California, the budget requires a 2/3 vote in the legislature to pass. The Republicans have just enough votes to block any tax increases, so the budget was balanced almost entirely with spending cuts. The Democrats wanted to raise taxes on upper incomes and corporations and the Republicans refused to allow any tax increases, even to pay for education. So they cut the state college budgets, which required tuition increases. (The Republicans even tried to eliminate 100,000 kids from Kindergarten.) You can look this up, it is what happened.

Repeat – Governor Davis tried to STOP the spending cuts that led to the tuition increases. The Republicans forced this to happen. Arnold says he will cut more spending if elected. He says the government spends too much. The only alternative to the government spending is raising tuition and other fees that regular people pay.

Cutting spending means increasing tuition, and other fees that regular people pay.

Cutting spending means cutting services that regular people use – like police and fire and health care and road repair and even having enough people at the DMV to keep the lines from getting really long.

Cutting spending means laying of government workers, which means even more people looking for work.

Arnold and McClintock, the Republican candidates, are calling for spending cuts. Much of the state’s budget goes to education. There are limits on how much they can cut K-12 so those cuts will be from the colleges. If Republicans get in office this kid’s tuition is going to skyrocket!

If you support a candidate who wants to “cut spending” please find out WHAT spending they mean!