Hate Mail From Greens

I get a lot more hate mail from Greens than from right-wingers. Sometimes it’s pretty serious stuff, too. Funny how that works.

I used to be a Green, and two of the bloggers here are Greens. I stopped being a Green because I realized that it wasn’t going to go anywhere – that there was no point. There is simply no way that the Green party – or any third party – can make a positive contribution within the confines of our political system. The country is designed around a two-party system. Third parties can only make a destructive contribution, as we saw in 2000. They can’t win, they can only cause those who are closest to them in political ideals to lose, thus defeating their supposed reason to exist. I mean, someone tell me how George Bush and the Right in charge is BETTER for anyone or anything that Greens care about!?

And this is about the things I care about. My political involvement is based on actually getting things done, and actually helping people & protecting the environment. Maybe this is because I once was a Chief Steward with AFSCME, during a time of turmoil, strikes, actions, etc. for people who were making little more than the minimum wage and trying to support families. ACTUALLY accomplishing things can take a lot more work than just making statements. But ACTUALLY accomplishing things makes a HUGE difference for those at the margins of our society.

If Gore had won we would have a higher minimum wage, people in unions would be earning more and receiving rather than losing health benefits, the environment would be protected, and we certainly would not have invaded Iraq, killing tens of thousands of them and hundreds of us. Those are ACTUAL things that matter.

Additionally I have decided that the Green’s analysis is flawed. The Democratic Party is nothing more than the people who show up and vote. And it is not the PARTY’S job to lead the people. Parties, by definition, respond to the voters. The Right has accomplished what they have by changing public attitudes and their candidates ride that wave. The Republican Party is not funding the hundreds of think tanks and advocacy organizations but it’s (farthest right) candidates are benefitting from it. It is not the Democratic Party’s fault that the Right has set up this network that is changing public attitudes. And it is not the Party’s fault that moderate and progressive funders haven’t yet caught on to what is happening to them.

I think it is past time for the Greens to wake up and realize that they are hurting the very things they profess to care about. Even Ralph Nader is making fun of them.

Update – I meant to add that I was a Green because of my frustration and anger with the rightward movement of the Dems, and the DLC types, and the wimpiness of the national party, and the number of Dems that were actually JOINING Republicans and voting for tax cuts, war, etc. And I was really, really angry about it! Still am! But I decided that splitting up the Demcorat coalition, built over decades, was not the answer. The coalition was built the hard way, by the working people, to fight the moneyed interests, and the only way it wins is by people sticking together, That’s what solidarity means. That’s what the word UNION means! If anyone should leave it’s the corporate DLC types! (And Zell. Good riddance to Zell.)