Happy Holidogs!

Silent Night Howly Night

(Starring Buddy and Espresso)

The back reads:
Published by DoggiePaw Inc.
Subsidiary of BarkMore
Offices in Dog Bed, New Howlton
Copyright: Sudeep Johnson 2005

Previously blogged Sudeep cards from The Johnsons:
2004, Bark the Herald Angels Sing,
2003, Happy Holidogs,
2002, Dog so loved the world that he gave us his only pup …

5 thoughts on “Happy Holidogs!

  1. Just stopping in to wish you a merry and festive Christmas.
    I read this recently and wish to share it…
    Light a candle for freedom,
    light a candle for peace,
    light a candle for learning,
    light a candle for honest democracy
    light a candle for those who have not food or home
    light a candle for the bruised beauty and waining bounty of our over used planet
    light a candle for those hunted and harried for having a different belief
    light a frigging bonfire to give light to the great power that is in the dark.

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