2 thoughts on “Half-Million March in LA

  1. It will take a draft to get people out protesting before we get 500,000 moving against the war. That is the biggest different between anti-war movements of Vietnam and now – the draft.
    I guarantee it, if there was a draft, you have millions in the street immediately.

  2. Immigrant rights, especially illegal immigrant rights, is obviously the anointed killer issue for the repugs this fall. Dems believe that because it’s an issue that divides the racist, nativist wing of the party from the corporatist wing, the repugs won’t use it. But that’s wrong. If it takes a little lying about their intentions with regard to doing something about corporate abuse of cheap labor to keep the dopes in line (and, on this issue, add a whole bunch more new dopes!), they’ll do it. They’ll do anything. And they’ll win again.

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