Haiti Takeover Part Of Bush’s "War On Terror?"

Something’s going on concerning Haiti, and I don’t know what it is. Listening to AM radio this morning, the local far-right station followed the network news with a “War on Terrorism” report that President Aristide has left Haiti, and American troops are securing the country following over 100 killed in the uprising to get rid of him – the wording implying that Aristide had been behind the rioting and killings. Then O’Reilly comes on and rants about how the mainstream media just lies, and you should never listen to or read mainstream media news reports because they are all liberals and just lie because they truly believe that government solves every problem and they want to tax you to pay for their big-government solutions and will always take the side of the Democrats.

Then I tuned to Limbaugh who was going on about the “atrocities committed by Aristide,” and how “the Democrats” are circulating stories that the Bush administration was behind the uprising against Aristide because they were against this just like they were against invading Iraq to get rid THAT dictator (and Democrats always support dictators,) and it is really all about securing “the black vote.” (Limbaugh is ALWAYS pre-emptive, telling his audience that “the Democrats” or “liberals” are circulating stories that… and it’s always way ahead of any stories actually appearing, but the stories he refers to will be accurate reports of what is really happening… And he ALWAYS tells his audience that what Democrats do is about “the black vote” and not about “real Americans…”)

So I think (tinfoil hat guy) something is going on concerning Haiti. For some reason they are selling the takeover of the elected government of Haiti as part of Bush’s strong leadership in the war on terror…