Gulf State Golden Handshake?

I don’t think that the possibility can be ruled out that Bush expects something from the Gulf States when he steps down as President in 2009. Reagan got two million for a one-day trip to Japan, and correcting for inflation I’d expect Bush to get ten million or more. Dubya’s little-known brothers Neil and Marvin are already cashing in over there, as I recall. (The Bushes are not really rich by contemporary standards, and they always need help from their friends.)
There are many valid questions about Saudi and Gulf State sponsorship of Wahhabite fundamentalism globally, including support for al Qaeda. These questions have never been discussed or settled, but just hushed up with the chant “Michael Moore is Fat!”
Isn’t this an example of what happens when the government runs continual big deficits and the balance of trade is bad? We have to sell something off to someone. We really can’t afford to make the Saudis/Gulf States unhappy about anything anymore, because they’re a cash cow, like the Chinese.
The original plan didn’t necessarily seem all that bad to me, but the way that it was rushed through, and the boggling stiffness of Bush’s defense, really should raise eyebrows. He never vetoes anything, but he’ll veto this.

2 thoughts on “Gulf State Golden Handshake?

  1. Huh. When I saw the phrase “Gulf States” I thought of Louisiana and Mississippi. I forgot where this president’s allegiances run.

  2. Hmm, when I saw “Gulf States” I thought of Louisiana and Mississippi. But then I realized this president’s allegiances are to family first.

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