"Guckert Gets FOIA’d"

Over at The Stakeholder: Guckert Gets FOIA’d. To fill you in, Guckert is that fake reporter who had access to the White House and the President, and received classified CIA documents that identified the CIA’s person in charge of stopping terrorists from obtaining nukes. Everyone in the Bush administration is denying they let him in. So Congressman John Conyers Jr., and Congresswoman Louise Slaughter have sent a letter asking for Homeland Security records on security procedures, through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). In other words, “How did this guy get this kind of access?” I suspect they won’t get them.

From the letter (but read the whole thing):

Recent news reports indicate that James D. Guckert, a Republican activist gained access to the White House press briefing room and Presidential press conferences in violation of standard security procedures and was allowed to work under the assumed name, “Jeff Gannon.”

[. . .] We are concerned that such an individual was allowed within a few feet of the President when the public is routinely disallowed any possible contact with either the President or the White House. We understand that your security policies are developed in conjunction with the White House and want to ascertain your respective roles in this decision as it appears to deviate significantly from heightened security measures you have employed recently.

They can’t get this info as members of Congress, so how are they going to get it as members of the public using existing laws? Over and over again we learn that it doesn’t matter what the law is; The Party doesn’t want Congressional oversight.