Guantanamo Holding Musharraf Rivals?

You need to go read this. Firedoglake: Disappeared Into Secret Pakistani and US Prisons,

US reporting on General Musharraf’s suspension of Pakistan’s Constitution and displacement of its Supreme Court focused on Musharraf’s desire to remain in office. Musharraf also claimed the Court had undermined his fight against terrorism. But today’s New York Times reveals that Musharraf also had the same motives the Bush Administration has in preventing their respective illegal detention programs from seeing the light of day or facing judicial scrutiny.
Today’s article by reporter Carlotta Gall reveals that in apparent cooperation with US CIA and other officials, Musharraf had, long before his recent emergency actions, arrested hundreds, perhaps thousands of Pakistanis and detained them in secret prisons without charges. Some of the detainees were then rendered by US agents into Afghanistan, other countries, or Guantanamo, where some still languish without charges.

Go read.
So was Musharraf shipping his rivals into the US secret detention system? Did Musharraf disband Pakistan’s Supreme Court because they were ordering these political prisoners released?