Grow The Base!!!

Today’s MUST-READ is: How to Grow a Democratic Majority,

By developing an organizational structure now, Mr. Dean hopes that the Democrats will have something sturdy to rely on if, and when, they win back the White House.
It’s uncertain whether Mr. Dean will succeed. After all, Mr. Emanuel makes a persuasive argument for his approach. Why should the Democrats trade a chance to win the House now for an uncertain future?
The answer? Because a victory now will most likely be short-term. As the Republicans have shown, creating a durable electoral majority requires a firm organizational foundation, something the Democrats don’t have. But if Mr. Dean can hold fast to his plan, they just might be on the way to getting one.

2 thoughts on “Grow The Base!!!

  1. Very interesting, and a good analysis. I’m on Dean’s side on this, with one question: Why can’t we do both? Is it a matter of money?
    Dean is absolutely right. The traditional constituency the Democratic party always relied on to do its work has essentially dissolved, especially the Unions. They’re going to have to do their own party building for themselves. What’s been happening for a long time, at least since Nixon, is that the Republicans take power, make a horrible mess, the Democrats get in on what’s essentially negative vote against the current Republican mess rather than positive support for the Democratic party, the Democrats clean up the mess, and get voted out again. When you get down to it, this is a pretty Freudian pattern — the stern Democratic parents disciplining the naughty Republican brats.

  2. I can’t begin to explain how refreshing it is to have a pair of organizers here in my own community and seeing local Democrats on the move. I walked into the office this afternoon and saw a woman who was trying to figure out if she had any Democrats to vote for because the ones in her district didn’t have primaries so they didn’t do mailers or signs and the local paper decided not to interview them like they did the Republicans (standard fare here).
    The really neat part was when the woman’s representative candidate walked in and visited with her a bit. If we didn’t have our organizers working the office and the community, the woman would have seen the D’s on her ballot, but she wouldn’t have known why her candidates hadn’t contacted her yet.
    Thank you Howard Dean, and thank Dennis MacDonald & Jim Farrell for busting their butts to give us the best showing of Democrats this state has ever seen.
    Mr Emanuel can eat my dirty socks for throwing a temper tantrum because he can’t blow our wad on the same failed strategies that have us inches away from unpaid servitude.

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