Groupthink Gropes

Stirling Newberry at BOP News takes the next step with The Market Place of Idiots, that features first Bilmon:

Billmon burns the Aspen Institute. I’m a long time non-fan of the Aspen institute, which often seems to be about wrapping the brown stuff the Republicans sell in green paper. The energy policy coming from there is so bad, that I think I could make a case that one would do better just converting the bullshit that comes out of the Institute into biodiesel.

Media consensus annointed journalist pundits brown nosing and hobbing the nob with corporate appointed intellectual pundits to define and proscribe “new ideas” while they exchange bodily fluids. I think I understand why Michael Kinsley, Newt Gingrich and Thomas Friedman are considered deep thinkers by the D.C. consensus.

Newberry follows up with Alterman:

The reality is that these conferences aren’t about ideas. Ideas often are developed in intense isolation, they are about teaching powerful people to manage change, which often means co-opt or kill it. They are, in effect, giant Groupthink Gropes about what the next stampede of ordinary people is going to be about. What the next panic button issue or story is going to be, and how to calm the heard and sell praerie patties to buffalo.

Alterman once again deconstructs the myth of a liberal media, that curiously adopts an instinctive conservative D.C. consensus on virtually every issue, in spite of factual evidence to the contrary:

A Pew Research Center for People and Policy poll conducted in May 2005 throws this misperception into high relief, confirming a trend that has remained unchanged for decades. If the media were genuinely interested in accurately portraying the values of ordinary Americans, some of these numbers might receive some coverage. The poll shows that on most of the most important social issues facing Americans today, the public mind is much further to the left than it is the right.

Rose colored blinders are required to imagine that the M$M lives up to a journalism standard of reporting the truth:

So has the country moved to the right during recent decades? Well, perhaps it has, on certain issues, but nowhere near as much as the media would have us believe. At a time when Congress, the Executive Branch (and soon the Supreme Court), the opinion media, talk radio and the like are all singing from the same conservative hymnal, it’s almost a miracle that Americans have retained their progressive values. But they have, and it’s about time the media woke up and dealt with it.