Greens Warn of ‘Iraqification’ of New Orleans

[Bush’s vision for America: Blackwater mercenaries patrolling the streets, no-bid contracts to favored corporations, the military running everything under Karl Rove’s supervision, etc. etc. etc. -Thomas]
Greens Warn of Bush’s ‘Iraqification’ Policies for New Orleans
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Green Party leaders urged Congress and all Americans to reject the White House’s intention to turn New Orleans and all disaster areas into zones of military control, weakened human rights protections and oversight of federal agencies, and corporate profiteering similar to occupied Iraq.
“The treatment of New Orleans’ poorest, especially African Americans, has already been widely reported and is now a national shame, as is the ineptitude of Mayor Nagin’s office, FEMA, and other government bodies whose poor preparation and delayed response helped turn the city into a ruin,” said Romi Elnagar, Acting Secretary of the Green Part of Louisiana. “But we’ve also witnessed a new pattern, of policies and actions that have turned New Orleans into a war zone all too similar to occupied Iraq.”