Greens vs Dems

I posted a comment in the ongoing Greens vs Dems debate, and thought I would elevate it to a post. (I can do that. So can the other posters here, by the way.)

Changing the minds…

The Green’s idea is that they are forcing the Democratic Party and the country back to the left. I agree that this needs to happen. In fact I used to BE a Green because I believed this strongly.

But if you study what has happened to America it is not the Republican PARTY that has moved the public — and therefore the Democratic Party — to the right, it is their network of well-funded think tanks and advocacy/communication organizations. By changing public attitudes, they can elect candidates that reflect the changes their efforts have brought.

Parties reflect the public. What is needed is not a change in the Democratic Party, but a means to change public attitudes, which would then change the candidates and parties. Parties don’t tell the people what to think — people’s thinking tells the parties what to do. Parties respond to the voters. Change the people, then the Parties will change.

To accomplish this, we need to fund organizations that are able to reach the general public through marketing, and work to restore Progressive values of community, sharing, nurturing and democracy — and counter the Right’s propaganda. That’s what the Right has been doing — pounding the public with “free-market” and “linertarian” and “personal responsibility” messaging — and we need to do it right back.

This is not the job of just a radio network, it requires a long-term effort with strategic funding designed to reach the long-term goals. It requires many organizations doing research into public attitudes and language and messaging, etc. That’s what the Right does. They have over 500 organizations working on this, and they are well-funded.

As the public is moved back from the Right’s constant ideological drumbeat, THEN the Democratic Party will respond.