Greens mourn loss of Marine lives in Iraq

[This release makes an excellent point about the impact of the war at home, and how this is as much a local issue as a national one… $26 billion would have done quite a bit to solve California’s budget problems over the past few years, eh? Might’ve enabled our local school district to keep my kid’s elementary school open, for one thing. -Thomas
P.S. The California Democratic Party is pretty good on the war issue as well, calling for immediate withdrawl and pointing out lies, etc.: IRAQ]
Wednesday, August 3, 2005
Greens mourn loss of Marine lives in Iraq,
urge cities, counties to also consider loss
of funds that could save lives at home
SACRAMENTO (August 3, 2005) – The Green Party of California today mourned
the loss of another 14 Americans Wednesday, and at least 21 since Tuesday
in the war in Iraq – and said that the cost of war not only takes human
lives in the war zone, but here in California.
Citing statistics that indicate more than $26 billion could have been spent
on human needs in California – many of them life-saving – the GPCA urged
local governments to send a clear message to Congress and the Bush
Administration that the U.S. should withdraw immediately from Iraq.

According to National Priorities.Org – which monitors the cost of the war
using government statistics – California could have used the money spent on
the war to provide healthcare to nearly 11 million Californians, or 16.5
million children, hired 409,000 elementary school teachers or built 153,000
affordable housing units.
In Sacramento Wednesday, a coalition of organizations, including Greens,
veterans and minority representatives, previewed a resolution asking the
City Council to call upon Pres. Bush and Congress to leave Iraq
immediately, end military recruitment on high school and college campuses,
ensure veterans are cared for and reallocate the war expenditures to
provide health care, education and affordable housing for Sacramentans.
Similar resolutions have been introduced and approved, including one in San
Francisco. Other resolutions, including one on the ballot in San Francisco,
also call for an immediate end to military recruiting in high schools,
colleges and universities.
“This war in Iraq has truly become a quagmire, as many predicted. The human
cost of this illegal war touches not only the troops on the ground in Iraq
but all of us here at home,” said Pat Driscoll, a GPCA spokesperson and
former congressional candidate.
“When we think of the lives we could save in California by providing health
care and other human services instead of spending it on this ill-conceived
war, then it behooves us to pressure not only Congress, but our local
elected representatives to stand up and say ‘enough is enough,'” Driscoll

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  1. We need wholesale change in Americans’ attitudes on life before anything we do will make a difference.
    In the meantime actions like this help those of us who do get it to train for the time when Americans finally do get it.

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