Great Environment For Dem Candidates — You Should Run

The more I look around, the more it’s looking like 2006 could be a big year for Democrats nationwide, federal, state and local. This could be a real sea-change election.
So here’s what I’m getting at: Do you live in a Congressional or State Representative/Assembly/Whatever-it’s-called-where-you-live or County Supervisor district that usually goes Republican? This could be your year! Find out what it takes to run for office and sign up! Or talk to people you think should run.
The blogs will help you win.

3 thoughts on “Great Environment For Dem Candidates — You Should Run

  1. Thom Hartmann said something today about a movement of people who do volunteer exit polls. What he described seemed kind of amateur and bush league, but it’s really not rocket science and a national momvement to do tecnically competent exit polls is not a crazy idea. At least I think it’s not.

  2. So get your local voting technology under control, get people organized both to vote and to run for office! This CAN be done, and there’s nothing to be gained by having a defeatist attitude now. It’s looking like, with some genuine effort, there could be a Democratic landslide.

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