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Here’s a difference between national Democrats and the Republican “machine,” (The Party and the network of funded organizations, think tanks, etc. that are the foundation of The Party.) Take a look at the picture at Daily Kos :: SD Dems in action. It shows a billboard put up by local grassroots Democrats. This is the kind of thing the Republican machine does across the country in hundreds of different ways. They provide pamphlets to hand out at churches, speakers for local and campus events, radio guests and hosts, TV pundits, columnists — all professionally trained, all well-paid.
But this billboard shows our advantage: we’re in the right. We aren’t trying to convince some blue-collar worker to give up his or her pension so some rich fuck can get a bigger jet.

6 thoughts on “Grassroots Billboard

  1. The Democrats have sat on their asses and let the thugs lay claim to God, Christianity, good works, morality, patriotism, the family, the schools, the Republican party, and maybe are starting to wake up, maybe 30 some years too late. Maybe the “grassroots” billboards mean the public is finally starting to understand what’s going on. I hope so.

  2. I just love the idea of this. How about if we stop listing all the faults and start looking at the idea. Lets build on it. not tear it down. How about expanding it beyond religion like….
    Some talk about “Family Values”, Democrats protect them.
    The word “Liberal” means: Generous, favorable to reform or progress, one who advocates personal and political freedom.
    Democrats against the pre-social security poor house
    Democrats for moral values. no “Gannons” in the White House.
    Democrats for a government open and responsive to all the people.

  3. I just thought of a few more.
    If Democrats are communists then why are the Republican states colored “red”?
    Republicans beleive in freedom of religion…as long as it’s “their” religion.
    Republicans use our tax money to kill children in Iraq. Democrats use our tax money to educate children in the USA.
    Bush believes that God speaks to him, so do many psychiatric inpatients.

  4. It’s not exactly about 30 years sitting on asses. It is more like 30 years waiting for people to use logic and common sense. Unfortunately, with Coulter and Limbaugh yelling bullshit in one ear along with a weakening forth estate babbling nonsense in the other, people are lost and scared.

  5. Hey, I want a bigger jet! Oh, that’s right, I’m a cashier at a convenience store. Can I have health insurance and a small jet?

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