Graham Was Not Told

Bob Graham, head of the Senate Intelligence Committee when Bush ordered the spoying on Americans, says he was NOT told.
Countering the Republican talking point that Bush told the Congress: Pushing the Limits Of Wartime Powers,

Former senator Bob Graham (D-Fla.), who chaired the Senate intelligence committee and is the only participant thus far to describe the meetings extensively and on the record, said in interviews Friday night and yesterday that he remembers “no discussion about expanding [NSA eavesdropping] to include conversations of U.S. citizens or conversations that originated or ended in the United States” — and no mention of the president’s intent to bypass the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

1 thought on “Graham Was Not Told

  1. Here’s something else to ponder. A new angle…..
    While the government is going after Quakers, who is on the look out for the bin Ladens of the world? Why should we be wasting time on grandmas marching in DC while Zarqawi’s on the loose?
    Bad management. Put it in terms that MBA in the White House can understand.
    Dave From Battlefield

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