Gov’t Now Funding RW Blogs

TBogg has it. US Navy buying ads on far-far-far right-wing blogs.
This goes along with today’s news story about the government funding far-right political groups, Grants Flow To Bush Allies On Social Issues,

…Millions of dollars in taxpayer funds have flowed to groups that support President Bush’s agenda on abortion and other social issues.
Under the auspices of its religion-based initiatives and other federal programs, the administration has funneled at least $157 million in grants to organizations run by political and ideological allies, according to federal grant documents and interviews.
[. . .] Among other new beneficiaries of federal funding during the Bush years are groups run by Christian conservatives, including those in the African American and Hispanic communities. Many of the leaders have been active Republicans and influential supporters of Bush’s presidential campaigns.

Democracy is SO over.

4 thoughts on “Gov’t Now Funding RW Blogs

  1. Way Way Way Over! It ended on Dec. 12th 2000. Democracy was a 20th Century thing. Empire is the 21st Century thing.

  2. I forgot to mention that this is a predictable tactic for someone whose policies are so bad that 1.6 billion dollars worth of propoganda cannot cover them up.

  3. isn’t it illegal to use government money this way? Not that it seems to matter what’s legal any more.

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