Government Paying Journalists To Promote Right-Wing Policies! Are They Paid To Promote Bush, Too?

“Our” government is paying big money to journalists to promote right-wing legislation. Think about that for a minute.

White House paid commentator $240,000 to promote No Child Left Behind

“…the Bush administration paid a prominent black pundit $240,000 to promote the [NCLB] law on his nationally syndicated television show and to urge other black journalists to do the same.”

This $240,000 bribe is ON TOP of what the guy makes for his show, speaking fees, OTHER bribes, etc.

The contract may be illegal “because Congress has prohibited propaganda,” or any sort of lobbying for programs funded by the government, said Melanie Sloan of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. “And it’s propaganda.”

MAY be illegal? Is there any question about it? The government is giving money to journalists to promote legislation that is before Congress? And with that kind of money being handed out I wonder if this journalist – or any other journalists receiving or hoping to receive payoffs will EVER question anything Bush does? This explains a LOT!

This humble blogger wants to know, what OTHER payoffs to journalists are being handed out by the Bush administration? Did journalists receive money from the government to promote the Iraq war? To help the Swift Boat Vets smear Kerry? This $240,000 was a direct payoff from the government itself. But what about other kinds of payoffs? Corporate and trade association speaking fees are payoffs. Exclusive retreats are payoffs. Gifts, dinners, travel … there are may ways to pay people off.

Government payments to journalists is obviously, flatly, blatantly illegal. But is there a chance that the Bush Justice Department will investigate? Is there a chance that the Republican Congress will investigate? The Republican FBI? And here is the real laugher — with $240,000 payoffs to journalists in the air, how many “journalists” will look into this? We’ll have to wait and see.

Because this government payoff story places all journalists under suspicion I think it would be a good idea for all journalists to disclose whether they have received speaking fees, gifts, travel, etc. from any interest group of any kind. But that’s just me.