Government Again

Thinking about right-wing anti-government rhetoric, I like to swap a few words so that the real meaning is more clear. For example, for “government” I like to substitute some version of “the people” or “the interests of the people.” For “government bureaucracy”, some version of “public accountability over the use of public funds.”

Here’s how it works: Ronald Reagan said “Government is the problem.” Substitute in “public oversight and accountability”. Or suppose you hear “government regulations are holding back business,” you can substitute in “public control over health and safety issues making sure that the public benefit.” “Big government” – “Lots of public oversight and things done for the benefit of the people.”

Substitute some variation of “autocratic anti-democratic organizations where decisions are made by a few amoral people who sole interest is to funnel profits to a few people at the top” for corporations. Try it out on “corporations do everything better than government bureaucracies.”