Gore Speech

Most news stories that I have seen covering Gore’s speech yesterday focus on the politics. As The Note put it, “The questions that arise are: 1) did he serve himself well? And 2) did he serve the Democratic party well?” (I’m aware that The Note covers politics, I’m using this quote because it sums up what I’ve seen of the news coverage as well. In fact, the Note is one place that does get into the content and merits.)

What about the country? What about war? What about the people who are going to die, and the region that might be destabilized? What about the effect an Iraq adventure might have on our efforts to prevent terrorism at home?

I think that Gore is trying to stop the country from making a serious mistake. I think that is more important than the politics of it. I think that Gore has done the country a great service. I think that any news outlet that doesn’t spend time discussing the MERITS of the CONTENT of what Gore said shouldn’t call itself a news outlet. I think that the people working in the news business don’t even know what the word “news” means. I fear they also don’t care.