GOP Officially Part of the Memo Smear

What did I tell you? The Republican Party officially accused the Democratic Party of providing forged documents to CBS as part of a campaign to smear Bush:

Republicans condemned the video and linked it to questions about whether a recent CBS News report on memos written by Bush’s former squadron commander might have been faked.

“The video the Democrats released today is as creative and accurate as the memos they gave CBS,” said Republican National Committee spokesman Jim Dyke.

Never mind that the documents were NOT forged, were NOT given to CBS by the Democratic Party, and accurately reflect everything kown about Bush’s service. Just keep those lies coming, one right after another.

By the way, did I mention that Rush Limbaugh yesterday said on his show that he is now serving as an advisor to the Bush campaign?

UpdateHouse Republicans have officially called on CBS to “retract its report.”

About 40 House Republicans demanded today that CBS News retract its report of a week ago that called into question President Bush’s service with the Texas Air National Guard more than three decades ago.

This is serious intimidation. The ONLY think in question is one memo. The ONLY reason it is in question is that a right-wing blogger says it looks like a Word document. But they are saying that the ENTIRE STORY should be retracted, etc.

This is a full-court press by the Right to smear Kerry, CBS and Deocrats in general. AND IT IS WORKING. Watch your backs.